Safety & Technology

Safety Always

Our drivers are professionals with many hours behind the wheel. It’s important that you feel absolutely comfortable when riding with us. We know your route and have alternatives already planned in case we run into traffic. 

Our vehicles are very well maintained, and we cycle in newer models all the time. You will enjoy the comfort and cleanliness of our fleet and we hope you will tell your friends all about the wonderful experience you had with us.

In addition to the safety you will experience from our drivers and our vehicles, there is the added safety in knowing no one will be pulled over for drinking. This is especially great for our guests that are looking for a safe ride to their event and back home again. We are there for you. 


Our vehicles are well-equipped with communication back and forth from our dispatcher. We can avoid road closures, accidents, and more. 


We are not a short-haul service like so many ride service applications. Our vehicles are elegant and at your disposition for the time you have scheduled. Technologically superior, seriously clean, driven by a professional. There really is no comparison. Contact Legacy Transportation Inc to schedule your ride today. 

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Legacy Transportation Inc. maintains Zero Tolerance policy for intoxicating substances.  We perform on going drug and alcohol testing, extensive criminal background checks, and require on-going defensive driving education.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon requests.

To report any concerns and complaints, please contact the city of Dallas at 214-670-3161 or by dialing 3-1-1 from your phone. You’re also welcome to call Legacy Transportation Inc. directly with any concerns or feedback at 817-261-9595.5235